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Exactly how you’ll feel at a Supernatural convention — in GIFs

There’s nothing quite like the world of a Supernatural convention.

It’s a place where fans can be themselves and not be afraid to express their undying love for the show. They meet new friends, go days without sleep (because, parties), work for hours on costumes and know every answer in the trivia contests. If you’ve never been to one, here’s a little bit of what you can expect.

9 Supernatural 200th episode pics that gave us a fangirl meltdown

I made it! I’m finally here!

Supernatural GIF - fangirls

GIF credit: Tumblr

These are my people!

Supernatural GIF 2

GIF credit: Tumblr

OMG! They have so many Supernatural souvenirs!

Supernatural GIF 3

GIF credit: Tumblr

Do I really need a Supernatural calendar for every room in my house? Duh! Of course, I do.

Supernatural GIF 4

GIF credit: Tumblr

So many fun things, but I should go to my hotel room and unpack my costume for karaoke.

Supernatural GIF 5

GIF credit: Tumblr

It’s 3 a.m., and I’m singing my head off and I don’t care. Who needs sleep?

Supernatural GIF 6

GIF credit: Tumblr

Oh no, what time is it? Do I really have to wake up now?

Supernatural GIF 7

GIF credit: Tumblr

Proof the new Supernatural will rock, thanks to Jensen Ackles

How am I ever going to look decent in my first photo op?

Supernatural GIF - scared

GIF credit: Tumblr

OK, just act cool. You can do this.

Supernatural GIF - feelings

GIF credit: Tumblr

OMG, I just got my picture taken with Misha Collins!

Supernatural GIF - Misha

GIF credit: Tumblr

OMG, I just got my picture taken with Richard Speight Jr.!

Supernatual GIF - Gabriel

GIF credit: Tumblr

Too many pics. Must. Stop. Smiling.

Supernatural GIF - regret nothing

GIF credit: Tumblr

Time to see some panels. Who knew these people were so hilarious in person?

Supernatural GIF - laugh

GIF credit: Tumblr

The best part is making new friends in between the panels.

Supernatural GIF - Castiel crying

GIF credit: Tumblr

Time to get ready for the concert. Who knew Chuck could sing?

Supernatural GIF - Chuck

GIF credit: Tumblr

Another long day, but I don’t care. Who needs sleep?

Supernatural GIF - sleep

GIF credit:

OMG! It’s Sunday! Jared and Jensen are coming today!

Supernatural GIF - screaming

GIF credit:

Where’s my hairbrush? I must look perfect for my photo op with the boys.

Supernatural GIF - wig

GIF credit:

Time for the duo photo op with Jared and Jensen. Must not faint.

Supernatural GIF - screaming internally

GIF credit: Tumblr

Still in shock, but that’s OK. Time for the boys to hit the stage.

Supernatural GIF - Thank You

GIF credit: Tumblr

Laughing so hard. Must not pee. Must not pee.

Supernatural GIF - Jared laugh

GIF credit: Tumblr

The boys are gone, but it’s not over yet, right? Right?!

Supernatural GIF - all the feelings

GIF credit: Tumblr

We just ranked the top seven versions of Supernatural‘s Sam Winchester

Time to say goodbye. Why can’t every day be a Supernatural convention?

Supernatural GIF - crying

GIF credit: Tumblr

Be sure to check out Creation Entertainment’s calendar for a Supernatural convention coming up in your area. Then you can experience all the feels for yourself.

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