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5 Things to know about Cara Delevingne’s new BF, Jack O’Connell

Model of the moment Cara Delevingne may have found herself a new love interest, and it happens to be none other than Jack O’Connell.

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The couple caused dating speculation when she took to Instagram on Thursday to post a picture of what appears to be O’Connell with his neck covered in love bites. The snap of the two large red love bites was also accompanied by a short, cryptic caption.

While this is not clear evidence that the pair are dating and O’Connell’s face is not visible in the snaps, you can see what looks to be the two small moles on his neck. But according to E! News, a source confirmed the dating rumors, saying that the couple have been together for about a month and that “they’re having fun.”

So, who is Jack O’Connell? Well, we have everything you need to know.

1. He is British

Delevingne and O’Connell are both British stars, and the actor was born in Derby, England, on Aug. 1, 1990. That makes him 24 years old.

2. He hasn’t made it really big in America — yet

O’Connell is no stranger to the showbiz world and has starred in several popular British shows, including the role of James Cook in teen drama Skins and This Is England. He’s also been in Starred Up and 300: Rise of an Empire, among several other films. However, the gorgeous actor is about to come onto your radar in a big way.

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3. He’s starring in Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut Unbroken

O’Connell is set for superstardom after Angelina Jolie’s much-anticipated film Unbroken hits theaters on Christmas Day. He will be starring as the late Olympic track star and World War II veteran Louis Zamperini.

4. He previously dated an X Factor judge

Among O’Connell’s ex-girlfriends is The X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos, whom he dated back in 2012. And he rocked her world!

5. He’s also starring in a film with Delevingne

O’Connell is working on a film called Tulip Fever, set for release in 2015. He will star alongside Glee‘s Matthew Morrison, Zach Galifianakis and rumored new girlfriend Miss Delevingne.

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And according to the Irish Independent, he has been singing the praise of his rumored flame.

She knocked my socks off with the work that she did on that set,” he revealed. “In fact, she helped me by turning up and just doing it. I’m excited for it, Tulip Fever. I think that’s another integral piece of work that I look forward to seeing.”

Tell us what you think. Do these two make a hot couple?

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