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5 Burning questions from Girls‘ new Season 4 trailer

HBO released the first official trailer for Girls Season 4 and it’s stirred up some major questions. Watch and tell us what you think.

The new Girls trailer is crazy as hell. People are getting slapped and arrested and Hannah is… bathing in turquoise paint? We have so many questions.

1) In what universe is Adam’s toast to Hannah an acceptable response?

We get that things between Hannah and Adam are rough. She broke the grad school news to him on the opening night of his play and, like always, brought the attention back to herself. Now, she’s abandoning him and moving to Iowa? We’re glad she’s making smart decisions and not basing major life choices on her boyfriend, but still. His speech seems less than supportive and enthusiastic about her move. And it had to be embarrassing for him to say that at dinner with her parents.

Bonus: Will they survive the long distance?

Have you seen the “Girls Season 38″ parody?

2) Why is Jessa getting arrested?

It’s Jessa. Soooo, an arrest isn’t really surprising. It’s just as likely to be drugs as it is to be some crazy outburst. Or maybe she’s breaking into her ex’s apartment to get back some of her belongings. Either way, despite the fact that she likes to act like she’s still an irresponsible teen, she’s basically an adult. Will she be able to get out of whatever charges she faces?

3) Is that Adam with her… and why?

Notice the tall, dark-haired boy getting arrested in the background? Sure looks like Adam to us. It’s entirely possible he just got looped into Jessa’s craziness (it’s easy to do) as more of a bystander or the brawn of the operation. But, is it possible there’s something more? While Hannah is away, will Adam and Jessa find their mutual messed-up mentalities the perfect mix?

Girls Season 4 teaser makes us dislike Marnie even more

4) Why is Jessa slapping Hannah?

We’ve all experienced the overwhelming urge to slap Hannah, but Jessa is better than everyone else at dealing with all her self-centered BS. So, what could Hannah finally do to put her bestie in that sort of position? We wonder if it has anything to do with Jessa’s (and possibly Adam’s) arrest.

5) Can Marnie make it through the season unscathed?

We already know from the behind-the-scenes clips that Marnie and Desi are going to have an affair. Marnie knows what she’s getting into with him, but can that keep her from getting hurt (again)? We have our doubts.

Girls‘ Season 4 premiere is still months away, but we’re dying to watch Hannah’s new life come together while everyone else back in Brooklyn seems to have their lives unravel.

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