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In defense of Selfie: Here’s why it shouldn’t have been canceled

With the news that Selfie has been cancelled by ABC, I felt the need to defend the show that I feel was sadly misunderstood.

This show was one of the few new series that made me laugh out loud this season. Here are a few reasons I’m going to miss it.

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1. Eliza and Henry were good for each other

Though the story was initially about Henry teaching Eliza how to be a better person, it was also about Eliza teaching him to loosen up and enjoy life. Their advice to each other didn’t always work out perfectly, but it was fun to see them try. Henry didn’t like it when Eliza and Charmonique set him up on the biggest blind date ever, but he did accept that maybe he should try to find someone new. He was planning to hop into that cab even before Eliza told him to do it, which showed how much he learned from her.

Selfie GIF - dance

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2. Eliza had a huge journey ahead of her

Every character on a TV show has room to grow and transform throughout a series. But Eliza started out in a unique place: She was pretty darn hate-able. So where else could she go except up? I was looking forward to seeing Henry take her from a narcissistic twit to an intelligent and caring woman. Actually, she had already made some changes. In a recent episode, she actually did some babysitting when Charmonique needed to go to her high school reunion. Who would ever have expected Eliza to do that in the first episode?

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3. The other characters were hilarious

Eliza and Henry stole the show, but the rest of the cast was spectacular as well. I loved in the episode “Even Hell Has Two Bars,” where we got to see a bunch of people from the office interacting at the estate. Saperstein was my favorite part of that episode and it was great to see that he was just as into having fun as Eliza was. His cannonball into the pond (after Henry’s glorious example) had me laughing out loud. I actually replayed both of those moments on my DVR, laughing harder each time.

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4. The romance was just starting to ramp up

When Henry said that classic line from the original Pygmalion play, “I’ve grown accustomed to your face,” I just about died. The original play this series was based on showed that two very different people from two very different backgrounds could fall in love, and I was excited to see how the show would play out that part of the story. I was glad it wasn’t happening quickly, but that it was slowly being given to us in tiny bites. Just a few looks here and there, a few kindnesses between them (such as Henry eating his lunch over a trashcan with Eliza) were enough to show that they cared. In the latest episode, “Never Block Cookies,” Henry met a woman who looked perfect for him. But I’m betting that relationship is going to prove to him that he needs something more in his life.

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5. Eliza was a mirror no one wanted to face

I’ve seen a few comments here and there about how some people disliked Eliza and found her too conceited. The funny thing is, we all know an Eliza. In fact, more than a few of us are Eliza. She represents a growing trend in our society: people who are more interested in how their lives look online than interacting with real-life people. They’re rude and sometimes bully people because they can do so anonymously. While it was sad and sometimes angering to see behavior like that, it needed to be done. By taking a current issue and wrapping it into a comedy based on an old story, the show was giving us a chance to look at the world we live in now.

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What did you think of Selfie? How do you feel now that you know it has been canceled?

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