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8 Reasons I’m super-stoked for an Osbournes reboot

The greatest show in the history of reality TV might get a reboot, and there is literally nothing more exciting in the entire genre right now.

The Osbournes introduced a whole new generation to hardcore metal rocker Ozzy and sprouted whole new careers for Sharon, Kelly and Jack. A longtime fan fave (including this fan!), Sharon spilled the beans today that the show might be coming back.

“Ozzy has decided that he wants to do another few episodes, not a whole season, about eight episodes, of The Osbournes,” she said on ITV’s Loose Women.

“He said that for the whole three years that we did it he was drunk the whole time. But he would like to do one where he’s completely sober, as he is now… [The children] will come in and out. Hopefully [we’ll start filming] in January but as I say it’s not forever, no more than eight episodes.”

This is pretty much the best news ever in a bleak reality landscape, and here’s why.

1. Kelly and Jack were practically kids when the series first ran. Since then, Jack has started a family and is living with MS, and Kelly enjoys a hugely successful career on Fashion Police. But behind closed doors, do they still get up to any of their old antics? It will be interesting to find out.

2. Sharon’s career has exploded since the first run of the show. While previously she managed Ozzy (and many other artists) with aplomb, since then she has become a media personality in her own right, with gigs including being a judge on X Factor and America’s Got Talent, cohosting The Talk, becoming a spokesperson in advertisements and generally stepping out from Ozzy’s shadow. How will this affect the dynamic between the couple?

3. We have no idea what Ozzy is like sober. Is he still nearly impossible to understand? Is he spry and energetic? Has he become a fitness fanatic? Maybe he sings show tunes now? Will he still shout at Sharon all day? The new, improved Ozzy will be a sight to behold.

4. We get to see the man who was once known as the darkest guy in rock being a grandpa. How does that work? Does he give baby Pearl plush stuffed bats to gnaw on? Serenade her with a lullaby version of “Crazy Train”? Give her $100 bills to buy candy?

5. All relationships evolve over time. Has Sharon and Ozzy’s relationship changed now that Ozzy is sober? Are they still hilariously sarcastic with each other? Are they still willing to air all their dirty laundry? Is there still dirty laundry to air?

6. The show could herald part two of the Black Sabbath comeback. What more perfect promotional vehicle for a follow-up album to the band’s first No. 1, 13, than Ozzy on TV every week?

7. We’ll get to see a whole new home base for the family. The home they lived in while filming the original series was sold (to Christina Aguilera, no less), so we’ll have a whole new mansion to ogle.

8. Everyone in the family is known for being extremely outspoken against fellow celebs: Sharon recently trashed U2, for example, and Kelly’s feud with Lady Gaga is legendary. Will they use the new show to air new grievances?

Tell us: What do you want to see on The Osbournes reboot?

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