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Ellie Goulding posts photo, people call her racist, we roll our eyes

Between Lena Dunham, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Rob Lowe and now Ellie Goulding, society seems to be looking for issues to make a big deal out of, using celebrities as the front people for misplaced anger because they are in the spotlight.

It’s getting ridiculous and out of hand.

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Now Ellie Goulding is under fire for a picture she posted near Halloween that shows her dressed in a stunning tribal headdress. She accompanied the image with the caption, “Chief.”

The initial image was quickly removed from her account after being called “insensitive” and “racist.” Goulding replaced it with a more close-up shot of the outfit in black and white.

“I wore that beautiful unauthentic headpiece for about 5 minutes,” the singer responded on Nov. 1 to a Twitter user who commented on her controversial look. “I haven’t worn my costume for Halloween yet.”

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Why anyone would propose this gorgeous outfit is racist is completely beyond me. Because Goulding has lighter skin should she not be able to celebrate other cultures and pay respect by enjoying their icons?

If I wear a sari-inspired dress is that wrong? If I dress in a kimono is that incorrect? What if I wear a kilt?

I am of European heritage, mostly, but my family’s history is rich and diverse. I don’t identify with one culture in particular, as is the case with a lot of my peers these days. Yes, I have fair skin, but it doesn’t begin to define what I wear or what cultures I choose to draw inspiration from when dressing myself, whether it be Halloween or on a daily basis. To say that I don’t have the right to wear a certain garment simply because of the color of my skin is unacceptable and doesn’t constitute a socially acceptable standard of the way we should view human beings.

Furthermore, these beautiful and iconic pieces of history and culture deserve to be celebrated and displayed by anyone and everyone who wants to pay homage to our ancestors, no matter if they’re in your direct bloodline or not.

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Aside from that, to me, racism has a lot to do with intent. Goulding was not in any way, shape or form trying to maliciously put down anyone of any sort of ethnicity. She put on a headdress, felt like she was looking good in it and wanted to share. If she had meant to hurt feelings and cause distress that would be a different story. Nor can you claim she was ignorant of harm. How could she have anticipated that by donning that headdress people would accuse her of being racist, as though she didn’t have the right to wear it?

I understand that racism is a serious and sensitive issue, and it is something we should be aware of. But between this situation and all the other controversies that have arisen this week, it’s really starting to feel like people are getting offended just to make a stir. Don’t be a victim. And don’t make criminals out of people who don’t deserve it.

Whoever made that headdress created it to be shown off and displayed. Goulding seems like the perfect model to me. She looks stunning. And I think she should post as many photos as she likes.

Do you think people are becoming overly sensitive?

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