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Chelsea Handler posts another nipple photo in the name of equality (PHOTO)

Warning: Images in this article are NSFW due to nudity.

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Chelsea Handler wasn’t kidding; you really can find her breasts on Twitter now.

The comedian went head-to-head with Instagram last week over gender equality and nudity when she posted an image of herself riding a horse topless several times, with the social media giant banning the image from the site each time she posted it. The tit-for-tat event ended with Handler posting a photo of her dogs and taking her talents over to Twitter, where she is apparently accepted from head to toe.

Handler continued her quest for equality on Thursday by posting another photo of her breasts in all their naked glory — this time while driving a boat in the Amazon with an equally as topless man. “Exercising my right to work side by side with my fellow man. #amazon #freethenipple,” she wrote in the caption.

We get that Handler is trying to make the point of “anything you can do I can do better” and, of course, we are all for that notion. She is also obviously using shock value to draw attention to her viewpoint. However, we can’t help but wonder if the approach is hindering the cause. Our society is still very conservative when it comes to the female breast and while we appreciate the point Handler is making, freaking out conservative people might make them look down on the issue even more and veer further away from an equal mindset.

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Is it true that topless women in public are still considered grossly inappropriate by our culture? Yes. Is it acceptable for men to take off their shirt? Yes. Is it fair? No. But right now, we are still fighting for the right for women to breastfeed their babies in public without feeling immodest and uncomfortable. We might need to pick and choose our battles.

Then again, any cause starts out with radical, brave people doing something that is considered to be outrageous. Handler is strong, successful, smart and comical. She’s a spot-on choice to be a feminist advocate. One day, we might be looking back at the photos and thinking, “What was all the fuss about?”

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