Will The Blacklist fall finale force Liz to do the unthinkable?

We have photos from The Blacklist fall finale and it looks like Liz will be turning to someone very special for help with a delicate situation.

The episode “The Decembrist” promises to pick up where the previous one left off. Liz still has Tom in her basement, but as he pointed out to her, she may soon have no reason to keep him alive. Is it possible that Liz might just do the unthinkable and kill Tom once he’s outlived his usefulness?

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Liz has about a million reasons to get rid of Tom at this point. The man pretended to be someone else so that he could get her to marry him, all so he could gather information on her and Red. Who can blame her for keeping him locked up in a dingy basement, chained to the floor like the dog he is?

In photos from the episode, it looks like Liz’s issues with Tom are going to be made public to at least one person: Ressler. Does this mean that Liz is going to trust Ressler with information that no one else knows at this point? He didn’t exactly entrust her with the information about his addiction to pain meds since she found out on her own, but that situation definitely brought them closer together.

Let’s face it, if Liz would trust anyone with her plans for Tom, it would be Ressler. If she’s decided that it’s time to rid the world of Tom once and for all, she would call her partner. Whether she asks for his help to kill Tom or if she just wants to move her prisoner, either way it shows how much she trusts Ressler.

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For those fans that have been salivating over the thought of a Liz/Ressler romance, there might be some hope based on these photos.

The Blacklist - The Decembrist

Liz looks in on Tom. She’s alone, but for how long?

The Blacklist - The Decembrist

Tom doesn’t look hopeful about his future. Could this mean that Liz has already told him her plans?

The Blacklist - The Decembrist

We’d know those lips anywhere. Liz has brought Ressler to the place where she is keeping Tom.

The Blacklist - The Decembrist

Ressler is on the attack while Liz watches. It looks to us like Ressler is in major protection mode here.

The Blacklist - The Decembrist

Look closely in the background. It looks like someone has been hurt pretty badly. Could it be Tom? If so, who took him down — Liz or Ressler?

The Blacklist - The Decembrist

Liz and Ressler stand together with the rest of the team. Perhaps we’re reading too much into it, but they look close to us.

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The Blacklist - The Decembrist

Liz talks to Samar and Aram. All we want to know is: Where is Ressler?

The Blacklist - The Decembrist

Who is Liz talking to? Could it be Ressler?

The Blacklist fall finale airs on Monday, Nov. 10 at 10/9c.


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