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Amanda Bynes’ parents wave the white flag and give up

Amanda Bynes’ tumultuous situation has gone from bad to worse. TMZ is now reporting that her parents are done with trying to control their troubled daughter and they are packing it in.

On Thursday, the gossip site stated that Tommy and Jillian Bynes are filing legal documents to remove their names from the conservatorship of their daughter. They plan on leaving California to return to Texas to resume their own lives and be near their oldest daughter.

Amanda Bynes’ parents might be as crazy as their daughter

For Bynes, this means a mental health professional will be named to monitor the former Nickelodeon star. Her financial matters will be handled by an appointed money manager that Bynes’ parents have recommended.

It’s no secret that the All That actress has been unhappy with her parents controlling her life. She spent a lot of time on Nov. 4 tweeting about the situation. They gave their daughter a dose of tough love and would not let her live in their house even though they were controlling her financial picture.

Amanda Bynes may be ranting, but her tweets are scarily lucid

Doctors say it’s as bad as we thought: Amanda Bynes will remain in hospital

With this legal change, will Bynes be satisfied or will this send her further over the edge? The entire saga is sad, even from an outsider’s perspective, because it is unclear what is wrong with her and how she can be helped.

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