Was Brad Paisley supposed to reveal the gender of Carrie Underwood’s baby?

With Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood hosting the CMA Awards for the seventh year in a row, viewers knew to expect a night of good-ol’ country fun. What no one was expecting, though, was for Brad Paisley to spill the beans about Underwood’s baby.

In September, Underwood announced that she and her NHL player husband, Mike Fisher, are expecting their first child together. The “Something in the Water” singer, who shared the couple’s happy news via Instagram, has thus far remained mum on the baby’s gender.

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However, during Paisley and Underwood’s opening sequence, Paisley shouted out, “And we’re pregnant!” Which prompted the pretty blonde to respond, “Brad, I don’t remember you being there.”

Paisley, in his doggedly adorable fashion, persisted, “Carrie, you can’t keep me out of this child’s life.”

After fielding his relentless pleas to know the sex of the baby — which he promised he wouldn’t tell anyone *wink, wink* — Underwood caved and whispered the baby’s sex in his ear.

Looking pleased as punch, as it were, Paisley bragged, “I know something you don’t know. Suck it, TMZ!”

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And while Underwood joked at the time she already regretted telling her cohost, she didn’t seem too upset a few moments later when Paisley blurted out the big secret as the pair discussed country icon, Garth Brooks.

“We should name him Garth,” said Paisley, pointing to Underwood’s barely-there bump.

Was Paisley supposed to reveal Underwood and Fisher’s big news? Well, it’s safe to say it was probably planned. But still, they’re having a boy, y’all! We can’t wait to see the future Instagram pics of that sweet boy sporting camo Carhartt and cowboy boots.

But, is this news legit?

It would sure seem so. A few skits later, Paisley comes out with a jug of cheese balls strapped to his chest in a baby carrier and reveals he’s “got cravings.” He also breaks out some gifts for Underwood’s future bundle, including Blake Shelton’s new album (for “when it’s time to put the baby to sleep”) and a Brad Paisley T-shirt.

Underwood’s response to the latter? “He can’t wear this — it’s huge!”

Paisley took breaking the bombshell news in stride, playing it up on Facebook with none other than Garth Brooks himself.

Along with, accordingly, a message to fans.

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Congrats to the happy couple Underwood, Fisher and Paisley on the happy news.


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