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President Obama’s ‘Shake It Off’ performance was a big letdown (VIDEO)

Since taking over The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon has become the king of creating viral content. Which is why his mash-up of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” with President Obama telling people to vote was such a letdown.

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Fallon aired the clip on Tuesday night, election night, mashing up the POTUS’ speech on Sunday, encouraging Americans to get out and vote, with Taylor Swift’s song. Fallon and his crew perfectly mashed the song with Obama’s word “vote.” However, the clip is short and seems put together at the last minute.

As the Hollywood Reporter pointed out, Obama may have to take T-Swift’s advice and actually shake off election day, since it did not go as he probably wanted.

But Swift’s week is going just fine. Not only did she sell more than a million copies of her new album, 1989, in the first week out, but she sold more albums in her first week than any other artist since 2002. Even though she received some flack for pulling her entire catalog off Spotify, it didn’t seem to hurt her sales at all.

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Since he took over the reins of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon has created some amazing mash-ups — many involving Brian Williams rapping. If Jimmy Fallon’s crew can find Williams saying enough words to rap an entire song, they should be able to find the president saying every single word of a Taylor Swift song.

Watch the video here:

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