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Let’s dissect the AHS Season 5 top hat theories, shall we?

We’re only in the midst of American Horror Story Season 4, but one major Season 5 clue has already appeared in Freak Show. What does it mean? We delve deeper into the hat.

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In addition to admitting that every season of AHS is connected in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, cocreator Ryan Murphy also said that the show has already revealed big clues about Season 5.

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The hat

When asked about the top hat that appeared in a recent episode of Freak Show, Murphy said, “That is a big season five clue! It’s an arcane clue, but it’s very purposeful, and it illuminates something that you’ll be like, ‘Oh! You dirty b******!'”

After featuring the horrific worlds of a ghost-filled house, an insane asylum, a witches’ coven and, now, a freak show, it’s hard to imagine where else AHS could go next. Leave it to watchful fans to discover more appearances of the pesky little hat and come up with some pretty convincing theories on what it could mean.

5 Crazy theories on how American Horror Story is all connected

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GIF credit: Huffington Post

Operation Top Hat

Some fans wondered if the top hat was a reference to Abraham Lincoln and if the show would go back in time to the civil war. Other fans theorized that the top hat referenced magic or even candy (we’re pretty sure that one was a joke).

Another theory that seems to be growing in popularity, thanks to one Reddit user, is the idea that the top hat is in reference to something called “Operation Top Hat.”

The operation was a field exercise conducted in 1953 by the United States Army Chemical Corps to test decontamination methods for biological warfare. In the experiment, people were exposed to chemicals and we’re guessing that could also be a way the show might reference back to the current season’s freaks.

More Twisty? AHS cocreator Ryan Murphy teases rest of season

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Season 5: Human experiments and government conspiracy?

If the theories about Operation Top Hat are to be believed, the fifth season of AHS could be rife with horrors like human experiments, government conspiracy, nuclear testing and chemical warfare. The most frightening part of it will be seeing the shock of what humans will do to each other, which could make it one of the scariest seasons of all.

What do you think the theme will be for American Horror Story Season 5?

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