Artie Lange's sick, sexual Twitter rant about Cari Champion is inexcusable

Nov 5, 2014 at 3:37 p.m. ET
Image: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Comedian and sometimes sports commentator Artie Lange went on a sick and disturbing Twitter rant about ESPN2's First Take host Cari Champion, which was anything but funny.

Lange launched a super-inappropriate and racist sexual tirade, which involved a twisted fantasy about Champion in a totally disgusting way. He described in disturbing detail how he tried to pleasure himself while imagining that Champion was a slave and he was her owner.

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It is not clear whether Lange was drunk or high while he wrote his repellent tweets, but they sound like they came from someone with a totally twisted mindset.


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After these revolting tweets began to get attention, someone started the #iSupportCari hashtag to make it known that this is not OK. Several people tweeted using the hashtag to let their disgust be known and suggested that ESPN do something about Lange's abuse of Champion.


Lange may be a comedian, but this rant is nowhere near comedic. It is not only thoroughly unacceptable, but it is also sad and concerning. The Comedy Central star has some obvious issues and may benefit from some psychological help. Lange should also know that making these racial remarks puts him in a place of total ignorance and shows he has no moral standards whatsoever.

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And then Lange attempted an apology:


But it was short-lived as he followed up, telling "PC groups" to "f*** themselves." Classy. He then retweeted the few people on his side, and then said this: "Now that we're all cool again. Zoe Saldana is f***in hot!"


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