AHS' disturbing trend of violence against women needs to stop

Nov 5, 2014 at 12:39 p.m. ET
Image: Michele K. Short/FX

Have you noticed something disturbing on every season of American Horror Story? I realize that's probably a ridiculous question given what the show is about and how many insane things have happened on it. But this trend on the show is more disconcerting than all the other horrors — rape. Why is a woman always raped?

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Warning: Spoilers below

In Season 1: Murder House, Vivien was raped by the "Rubber Man." Though it wasn't necessarily portrayed as a violent act, that was only because Vivien thought she was having sex with her husband at the time. The fact that she was tricked into having sex with another man equals rape. Period.

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In Season 2: Asylum, there was no doubt about the attack. Lana Winters thought that the good doctor Thredson was helping her escape. But once she reached his home, she realized he was, in fact, the murderer known as "Bloody Face." Then he raped her in one of the series' most violent and troubling scenes.

In Season 3: Coven, the show took the violence up another notch. While the first season's attack was almost peaceful, the second season was more brutal, but the third season began with Madison being drugged and gang-raped by a bunch of drunk frat brothers. It wasn't just a single man doing the attacking, but an entire group.

Though we haven't seen a rape yet in Freak Show, history tells us that it might just be a matter of time before one appears. It makes one want to ask the show's creators why they feel the need to do it. What part of the storytelling process is being fulfilled by showing women being sexually abused in every season? Doesn't showing it in a hit series glorify it? Would the show really be any worse without these scenes? I know I could do without seeing it happen.

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Or do the creators of AHS think they are doing a service: That by showing such a heinous act and by bringing more awareness, they are somehow helping? I don't know about that, but I decided to play devil's advocate and pose a different opinion.

What do you think of American Horror Story depicting a rape in every previous season of the show? Do you think it will happen again in Freak Show?