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Watch the shortest clip of Kendrick Lamar that has everyone freaking out

When we initially heard that Kendrick Lamar belted out some mad lyrics of Taylor Swift‘s “Shake It Off,” we couldn’t wait to take a listen for ourselves.

Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift gush over one another

Twitter has been raving about his performance, after all. And if it’s trending over election coverage, we figured it must be good.

People have been hyping it up as a worthy “Shake It Off” listening experience.

Frat boys lip-synch Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” and it’s perfect (VIDEO)

And so our excitement grew.

GIF credit: Reaction GIFs

Until we finally found the video.

GIF credit:

Squee! Taylor Swift announces new album, shakes off country

At first, we were like:

GIF credit:

And then we were like:

GIF credit: Reaction GIFs

Moral of the story: Meh. It could have been so much better.

We love that Kendrick Lamar loves Taylor Swift and that she loves him back. But we already knew that. Give us some better audio and even a little snippet of him actually singing the song and we could have been sold. Unfortunately, this one fell short. Twitter fail.

Now, back to the election coverage, thank you very much.

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