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Mariah Carey’s styling bill for one day is downright disgusting

For any celeb who has been in the spotlight for a while, growing older can be scary. For someone like Mariah Carey, no matter how gorgeous she is, she probably always feels pressure to look even better.

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Last week, Renée Zellweger’s new face was the subject of conversation. Did the pressure get to her? Did she feel like she had to get plastic surgery? Are Hollywood beauty standards unrealistic?

It looks like Mariah Carey is having the same insecurities, but she is dealing with them in a different way.

A new lawsuit against Mariah Carey has revealed that the singer may be the diva that has become her image over a 25-year career. The suit, filed by a photographer, alleges that it takes $85,000 to get Carey ready for a photo shoot.

The documents filed in court say that Carey requires $65,391 for her stylist, $9,600 for her hair stylist, $7,200 for a makeup artist and $2,400 just to do her nails.

The photographer filed the lawsuit claiming that he spent that money preparing a photo shoot for the singer, but then it was canceled “for no reason,” according to the Daily Mail. He is suing for $150,000, but Carey’s label claims they never agreed on the photo shoot in the first place.

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But whether or not he is right is not the big story. The fact that Mariah Carey could buy a house in some cities for what it takes her to get ready means there may be something wrong with the culture she lives in — and begs the question of why she feels the need to spend so much to feel she is beautiful.

Carey should consider investing in Photoshop and consider giving the remaining $84,000 to charity.

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