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4 Reasons The Mentalist should’ve been canceled two seasons ago

CBS has officially announced that the next season of The Mentalist will be its last and we’ve got a few reasons why it should have happened sooner.

Usually when a show has been canceled, there’s a lot of grief at the thought of never seeing it again. But the truth is that the magic of this series left for me a long time ago. It was one of those shows that I loved when I first started watching it, but it slowly became so disappointing that I lost interest in it.

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Too much Red John

The Red John story line was my biggest beef with this show, but only after around Season 5. In the beginning, I loved the Red John story and how it impacted Jane’s life because of all the drama that it brought. Having a foe like Red John for Jane to chase was vital to the series when it began. But then it just went on too long. There were so many red herrings tossed at fans that the story that was once exciting became boring. If they’d resolved the Red John case perhaps after the second or even the third season and then allowed Jane to move on, I think the show would’ve been a lot more interesting.

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Not enough Cho and Rigsby

Cho and Rigsby made great partners and were a fun addition to the entire team. Rigsby was the more affable of the pair, while Cho was the more sober. They say opposites attract, but in this case, it was a matter of opposites completing each other to make a perfect whole. The moment Rigsby was gone, the partnership was, too, and it was just never the same.

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Simon Baker is back with The Mentalist season premiere

Too complicated

I’ll admit that I enjoyed the often ridiculous ways that Jane went about revealing who the culprit was at the end of an episode. The shenanigans he went through were usually hilarious, even if completely unnecessary. But after a while, his act did become a bit weary. I’m not saying they needed to cut them out completely, but maybe if they’d mixed them up a bit and had some episodes without the theatrics, it would’ve been better.

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Too little “Jisbon,” too late

The interaction between Jane and Lisbon was undoubtedly the best part of the show and I’ll admit to doing a little “Jisbon” shipping in my mind. In fact, their banter was often the only reason I watched the series in more recent seasons. But the longer they dragged out the will they/won’t they aspect of the series, the more tired it became. While the two did finally show some feelings for each other in Season 6, by then, it just felt like it was too late. I don’t think the two of them should have hooked up in Season 1, but it was just another part of the series that fell short for me.

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Simon Baker on The Mentalist and working with Scorsese

What do you think about The Mentalist being canceled by CBS?

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