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Daniele Watts is back to defend herself, and her reason is facepalm-worthy

Daniele Watts, the Django Unchained actress formally charged with lewd conduct for allegedly having sex with her boyfriend in public, is (sort of) admitting she did something wrong: accusing police of racial profiling.

Django actress formally charged with lewd conduct

But that doesn’t mean Watts is taking any personal responsibility — she claims society is to blame for her behavior toward police.

Watts spoke on a panel at USC’s school of law Monday, saying, “If we’re going to condemn me, then we also have to look at the entire society that I am a product of.”

She went on to say the police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, earlier this year was also part of why she “exploded” at police.

“At a certain point, enough is enough and somebody has to say something,” Watts said about Brown’s death.

Django actress Daniele Watts mistaken for a prostitute

According the Los Angeles Times, Watts said seeing her father being profiled by police when she was a teenager was part of why she accused police of profiling in her case. The incident, which happened Sept. 11, resulted in Watts being released without charges, but later, after witnesses came forward with new evidence, she and her boyfriend, Brian Lucas, were both charged with lewd conduct.

In an audio recording, Watts can be heard accusing officers on the scene.

“You’re not the one in handcuffs, you’re not the one who’s spent your life being called a n*****, and growing up in the South and now I get the cops called on me,” she can be heard saying through tears. “I’m an actress at this studio. I’m in a major sitcom and I’m still being put in handcuffs because I’m making out with my boyfriend.”

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According to the Daily Mail, police on the scene were offended by claims of racial profiling, and said they recorded the run-in because they were afraid Watts’ allegations could ruin their careers.

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