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5 Times Ariana Grande’s “Love Me Harder” video makes us cringe

Ariana Grande’s highly anticipated video for the single “Love Me Harder” is out, and all we can say is, “Here we go again.” Cue the highly sexualized pop tart rolling around on the ground singing about some guy loving her.

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The music industry doesn’t seem to care that the masses are about to revolt because we are bored to tears with this premise, and female fans are starting to march to the same drumbeat that says, “Women are more than a (semi) nude body — put your clothes back on and sing.”

Music videos released by female pop artists have become a perverse competition of who can “out-sexy” each other, and in the process the true definition of sexy has been completely lost. Artists from Beyoncé to Miley Cyrus to Nicki Minaj to Jennifer Lopez are all guilty of this.

Here are the five reasons Ariana Grande’s “Love Me Harder” video makes us cringe.

“Love Me Harder”

Love me harder? Wow, needy much? That’s what every guy wants to hear. “You’re not doing it right. If you want to roll around in the sand with me, you’d better love me harder.” Grow up.

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How old is old enough?

Speaking of growing up, Grande is 21 years old. In this video, she looks like she’s about 12. It’s more than a little disturbing, especially because she’s singing “Love Me Harder” while arching her back and on all fours. If your demographic is 15-year-old boys, maybe that makes it OK, but probably not. Watching this video doesn’t necessarily make us uncomfortable; it’s the thought of who else is watching this type of video — which features a woman who looks much younger than she is — that freaks us out a bit. Yuck.

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Lose the cat ears

OK, Grande, we get it. You love your cat ears, but we beg of you – stop trying to make cat ears happen. They’re not going to happen. It’s over. Cat ears, especially in this sexual context, are just kind of weird and creepy.

The Weeknd

If we’re going to dog Grande for her cat ears, we have to call out The Weeknd for his hair. What the hell is going on atop this guy’s head? You know what? If a guy has hair like this, he doesn’t have to worry about loving us harder — don’t even come near us until you’ve got that fright wig under control. We’re all about expressing yourself, but in this video, this voodoo hair just isn’t working.


If this video makes you a little uncomfortable, just wait until it gets in the hands of parody artists. Hmmm. Which word do you think they’ll substitute for “love” in “Love Me Harder”?

It probably sounds like we’re hating on this video, but we’re really not. What we’re hating on (“disliking” on — mama didn’t raise no haters) is this trend. We just want super talented women like Grande, Beyoncé and even Cyrus (who has an incredible voice) to entertain us with their vocal talent — not their ability to mimic soft porn.

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