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4 Reasons we still have hope for the Steve Jobs biopic

For a movie that is still in such an early phase, the new Steve Jobs biopic has already seen a lot of drama. But despite rumors and cancellations, the show will go on.

An unlikely duo will be playing Apple’s founders

Christian Bale was the most recent speed bump in the road for the film. Bale had signed on as the lead in the film about Apple’s founder.

“We needed the best actor on the board in a certain age range and that’s Chris Bale,” Sorkin told the Hollywood Reporter on Oct. 23. “He didn’t have to audition. Well, there was a meeting.”

But, apparently, Bale pulled out on Monday, Nov. 3 after realizing he was not right for the role, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Leonardo DiCaprio had already pulled out of the film, although he said his conflict was because of scheduling.

But the film will continue on without Bale and it will still be amazing. Here are some reasons:

1. Seth Rogen

Rogen has reportedly signed on as Steve Wozniak, one of Apple’s cofounders (you might remember Wozniak best playing himself on an episode of The Big Bang Theory). Rogen is one of the most diverse — and in-demand — actors in Hollywood and he is likely to bring a new dimension (and some laughter) to the film.

2. Aaron Sorkin

Sorkin is the name behind projects like The West Wing, Moneyball and The Newsroom. He also wrote The Social Network, a film which is along the same lines as the Jobs biopic. He pretty much takes anything he touches and turns it into gold. Sorkin has already said the film will consist of three long scenes — each before an Apple unveiling.

Who will play Steve Jobs now that Leonardo DiCaprio is out?

3. Jessica Chastain

While Chastain is still “rumored” for the film, the actress makes pretty much any film she is in amazing. Whether it be drama, comedy or satire, Chastain knows how to take any role and make it hers.

4. Steve Jobs

Jobs may be the No. 1 reason the movie will be successful — even if it didn’t save Ashton Kutcher’s Jobs earlier this year. Apple is considered a way of life to many and Steve Jobs is the reason for that. A story of an American entrepreneur is always appealing and Jobs may be the icon for that right now. He was an enigmatic character who died too soon, but is still one of the most important names in his field (and maybe in the world).

Sorkin is obviously looking for an A-list actor to play Steve Jobs and he will likely get it. The project has had such buzz, and plenty of backing, and it is Sorkin’s to lose.

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