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Amanda Bynes’ parents might be as crazy as their daughter

Something seriously wrong is going on in the Bynes family.

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A lot of things have been said about Amanda Bynes and her relationship with her parents, Lynn and Rick, but if the latest rumors are true, her parents need just as much psychiatric care as their daughter.

After spinning out of control for the second time in a year, Amanda ended up in a psychiatric hold at a hospital in Pasadena, California, in October. She remained hospitalized until late last week, when a judge ruled there was no reason to keep her under constant care. Lynn and Rick immediately put a bid in for a conservatorship over Amanda and her estate, which they were quickly granted.

Now, TMZ is reporting that Lynn and Rick have total control over Amanda’s finances, but are not allowing her to live with them in their home. The site claims that her parents are “burnt out” regarding their daughter and feel she needs to hit rock bottom before she will change. They are providing Amanda with money via American Express gift cards that are delivered to her through her court-appointed lawyer.

Something about this just seems off. It’s been clear for quite a while now that Amanda needs some serious help and her public behavior throughout September and October was not that of a person who is in control. It’s previously been reported that Lynn and Rick claimed that a conservatorship over their daughter at this point would be difficult, due to the fact that Amanda holds them responsible for hospitalizing her recently.

So, why, then, did they seek the conservatorship? Because they are worried about her money? It seems that, at this point, they should hire a non-biased third party to work as a liaison between them and Amanda to keep her safe. Amanda doesn’t have any kind of stable advocate on her side right now. Obviously, she doesn’t even have the means to obtain a lawyer, since she’s working with one appointed by the court.

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Most parents wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing their child is roaming the streets in Amanda’s condition. Burnt out or not, this seems like the wrong time for tough love. After all, they tried turning their back on her after the last conservatorship ended and look how that turned out.

Bottom line, this latest move on the part of Lynn and Rick makes them appear to be extremely insensitive and only concerned about Amanda’s money, not her well-being. They should use their daughter’s hard-earned money to put together some kind of plan to get her some help that sticks, before it’s too late.

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