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Girls Season 4 teaser makes us dislike Marnie even more (VIDEO)

The new season of Girls is fast approaching and slowly but surely, HBO is leaking more info. After watching the newest trailer, we’re having a hard time not hating Marnie.

Things that first Girls Season 4 trailer should have covered

Last season left a lot of things open-ended and had us eagerly anticipating Girls Season 4. Would Hannah go to grad school? What was happening with Marnie and that folk musician? A new behind-the-scenes look at what’s ahead answers all our leftover Season 3 questions and leaves us with one overwhelming feel: So much dislike for Marnie.

Who’s your favorite Girl? Since Lena Dunham’s coming-of-age HBO comedy found its way onto our screens, that question has plagued viewers. Much like the ladies of Sex and the City, every viewer relates to someone: Hannah, Jessa, Shosh or Marnie. Shoot, maybe you even spend most of the show recognizing how alike you and Adam are in your sexual preferences. There are plenty of girls out there who feel connected to Allison Williams’ over-achieving, identity crisis-having Marnie. But, will that change during Season 4? After watching the new trailer, we think our feelings might change.

#1: Marnie gets scandalous

It looks like Marnie will spend Season 4 chasing her folk-star dreams and banging her in-a-relationship musical partner. Sounds like something straight out of Behind the Music: The Civil Wars.

“Marnie and Desi are really making a go of it musically. They’re gonna, like, try to be a ‘thing.’ To be a musical act together,” Williams shares about her character’s Season 4 journey. “And, yeah, it’s an affair. He still has a girlfriend.”

20 Perfectly relatable quotes from Girls

We’re not the only ones not cool with Marnie and Desi’s relationship. Alex Karpovsky says his character, Ray, is not at all cool with the situation.

“His feelings toward Desi are… they’re pretty sharply critical,” Karpovsky explains, unsurprisingly. “It feels like an upper-cut to him. It’s messy and kind of unexpected.”

Looks like we’re also about to approach another season of feeling sorry for Ray. Will that dude ever catch a break? If the girls of Girls aren’t going to treat him kindly, we will.

There’s plenty more drama ahead on Girls Season 4

  1. We’ll finally meet Shoshanna’s (perfectly cast) parents. It turns out they hate each other, which could explain a lot about Shosh’s personality quirks.
  2. Hannah will definitely go to Iowa, at least for a while.
  3. It sounds like her absence won’t help things with Adam.
  4. Jessa will have a run-in with the cops and, apparently, continue to try her hand at pet ownership. Looks like she’ll also get a reality check into just how worldly she really is compared to how she acts.
  5. The trailer also teases an onslaught of guest appearances. Our favorite: Zachary Quinto.

Ready to dive in? Girls returns after the new year.

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