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Iggy Azalea just had the worst wardrobe malfunction we’ve ever seen (VIDEO)

Oh my gosh — out of all the celebrity wardrobe malfunctions that we have seen this year, Iggy Azalea’s has to be the worst.

Some kids at a bar mitzvah on Sunday got an unexpected eyeful while Miss Azalea performed for them and accidentally flashed them her crotch.

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According to Gossip Cop, Azalea and Nick Jonas were both hired to perform at the lavish Beverly Hills party, and although the family paid to get one amazing performance, we’re not sure how they felt about getting flashed, too.

Of course, the entire thing was captured on camera and the “Fancy” rapper looks to be in the middle of her performance of “Booty.” She was going all-out, shaking her booty when something terrible happened: her pants split and revealed what appears to be her private bits. Poor Iggy!

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To make matters worse, the Australian-born star didn’t even notice her wardrobe malfunction and continued to perform with the gaping hole in her tight pants — that was, until the audience started screaming.

Unfortunately for Azalea, this was not the first time that she’s had a wardrobe malfunction (and most probably not the last). If you remember the 2013 MTV EMAs, you’ll recall when Azalea’s barely there black dress moved and everyone saw right up her skirt, although the rapper claimed that she had been wearing flesh-colored underwear and we couldn’t actually see it all. Let’s hope she was wearing flesh-colored underwear this time around, too.

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A wardrobe malfunction can happen to anyone, but we have to say we really feel sorry for Azalea.

Watch the mortifying video below.

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