Rihanna’s return to Instagram is not what we were expecting

After a long six months without any outrageous pics, Rihanna is back on Instagram — but what she’s posted so far is a huge change from the past.

Rihanna dumped her account six months ago over a topless photo flap, and her newly reactivated account seems a little, well, different. Her compulsion for flashing skin has been replaced with another weird obsession. See for yourself:

Here are the pics that got Rihanna kicked out of a mosque

Photo credits: Rihanna/Instagram

Caption: “#n****turtles @mdollas11”

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So, apparently RiRi and her girls were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Halloween, which is actually a kind of cool, empowering costume choice. Better than “Sexy Ebola nurse,” for example. For a second there, though, we thought maybe Rihanna had a 10-year-old nephew take over her social media strategy.


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