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5 Crazy theories on how American Horror Story is all connected

How are all four seasons of American Horror Story connected? We’ve got some wild theories that could end up being true.

Recently we reported how Ryan Murphy, the co-creator of AHS, confirmed that the show’s various seasons are indeed intertwined. Since then, the internet has been buzzing with fans busting out their favorite theories on how everything lines up, and we’ve decided to join the fun with a few notions of our own.

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What if Elsa became Sister Jude?

Think about it. The timing could be just right on this one. We saw Sister Jude’s sad history in Asylum, but who’s to say that history didn’t also include time running a freak show?


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Dot and Bette — Cousins to Lana?

The age that Lana (from Asylum) would have been at the time of Freak Show would put her and the twins at around the same age range. They all look alike, so maybe it’s just a family resemblance.

AHS GIF Dot and Bette

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What if Lana is Dot or Bette?

Here’s another theory about the twins and Lana. What if one of the twins dies (or a doctor tries to separate them), which leaves one alive? Let’s take that further and theorize that the surviving twin has her sister removed from her body and decides to live a life on her own. She might even decide to take on a new identity… as Lana. It sounds crazy, but we all know anything is possible on AHS.


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All the Montgomerys are related

Let’s start at the beginning: The original couple who built the Murder House from Season 1 was named Montgomery. Then we met Madison Montgomery in Coven and find out that she is a witch. Could it be that the Montgomerys had another child than their mutilated son who was Madison’s descendant? It could explain her witchy abilities.

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It all began with the witches

A few of the show’s seasons have revolved around areas of Massachusetts that are connected to the witch trials. Of course, in Coven, all the witches traced their lineage back to those witches. But in Season 1, the Harmon family originally came from Boston. Asylum‘s Briarcliff Manor was near the city of Boston as well. Could all of these frightening events/people be connected to those witches?


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What theories do you have about the connections in American Horror Story?

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