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N to Z: 4 Scenarios we’ll miss now that A to Z is axed

A to Z had such a promising concept to begin with. What it didn’t have was a strong audience. It barely made it from A to B before its promising, albeit saccharine, concept began to fizzle, along with its already-mediocre ratings, both of which led to NBC announcing it was pulling the plug last Friday.

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A to Z‘s axing will leave us with only 13 episodes to remember it by, so instead of making it to the end of the alphabet, we’re only going to get to see what happens up to M. The letters N to Z are the real losers here (maybe Sesame Street can pick up the slack?), so we’re giving four of them a hearing and speculating on what they might have stood for and what plot points might have ensued for Andrew (Ben Feldman) and Zelda (Cristin Milioti).

O is for Office Christmas party

With Christmas being the most wonderful time of the year, we’re positive a Christmas-themed episode would have been the most wonderful episode of the year (yes, we’re aware it wouldn’t take much to top the episodes we’ve seen so far). Naturally, the office Christmas party at the center of this episode would have taken place at Andrew’s workplace, because as far as we can tell, there are only two people who work in Zelda’s office: Zelda and Stephie. Some sort of misunderstanding or drama would have gone down (as is the case with almost all office Christmas parties on scripted television), Andrew and Zelda would have found their way to some mistletoe, as would have Stephie and Stu (because that was bound to happen, right?) and Zelda would have capped off the episode by singing us a carol or two. Perfect!

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T is for Therapy

In every episode so far, Katey Sagal’s dulcet tones have reminded us that Andrew and Zelda will date for “eight months, three weeks, five days and one hour.” And while there were those who speculated the relationship would end thereafter, we had our tent firmly pitched in a different camp. We figured that after that time period, they would no longer be classified as “dating” because they would move in together, or something else that does not involve a breakup, which would be way too obvious. So, the aforementioned therapy isn’t for Andrew and Zelda, because they clearly don’t need it. Someone who is in need of some serious therapy? Andrew’s boss, Lydia. That woman’s brutal honesty when it comes to those around her is both hilarious and indicative that some time on a couch talking to a professional wouldn’t go astray. We would have been totally down to see the gold mine of comedy that would surely have come from her mining her innermost thoughts and feelings.

W is for Wedding weekend

It’s a milestone for any couple when they attend a wedding together for the first time. No doubt, Zelda and Andrew watching two friends making it legit in the eyes of the law would have raised some questions about where their relationship was going. Our money would have been on Zelda having a minor panic attack about how fast things were progressing, before calming her farm and taking her place as Stephie’s maid of honor opposite Andrew as Stu’s best man. What’s that you say? I forgot to mention that it was Stephie and Stu’s wedding? Well, after that mistletoe kiss in the Christmas episode rekindled the flame, they could no longer deny that their hate for each other stemmed from a place of love. Or something like that.

Zelda and Andrew’s wedding gift to the happy couple? Zelda singing solo at their wedding.

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Z is for Zelda sings

Can anybody tell that we’re pretty keen on the idea of Cristin Milioti singing? We’re not talking a replica of the Grey’s Anatomy musical episode here, because we’d rather maintain our collective will to live. But what if Zelda just happened to have a radio on every time she was in a scene during this episode? And what if she just happened to be singing along to the radio? Seems totally plausible! (Well, at least as plausible as anything else that’s happened in the episodes this show has aired so far.) Zelda’s singing would have prompted Andrew’s realization that he doesn’t want to be without Zelda’s melody to accompany his beat, and so he would have proposed they move in together, therefore ending their eight months, three weeks, five days and one hour of dating and beginning their period of cohabiting. That’s a nice little bow we’ve tied this show up with, isn’t it?

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