8 Times Grumpy Cat is our spirit animal in the first trailer

We’ve always known that Grumpy Cat was our spirit animal. The trailer for her Lifetime Christmas movie just solidifies our feelings.

25 Of the best Grumpy Cat moments

The idea of a Grumpy Cat movie sounded pretty insane to us. We can’t imagine trying to film a movie with our cat: She looks sweet but hides from everyone. It’d just be a bunch of shots of eyes glowing at you from under the bed. Things got even more confusing when we learned Aubrey Plaza would voice ol’ Grumpster. (Seriously? We thought Grumpy Cat was a boy!) When Lifetime announced that Grumpy Cat’s movie would be a Christmas flick, we were equal parts bemused and annoyed. They were most certainly going to ruin a good thing.

I touched Grumpy Cat and it was amazing

We haven’t seen the full movie yet, but the first trailer for Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever is actually pretty spectacular. As a matter of fact, all of Aubrey Plaza’s perfectly deadpan reactions to the shenanigans and high jinks accurately describe our feelings about the fact that it’s actually, officially time for the Christmas movie trailers to begin rolling out. Check out the Grumpy Cat trailer.

Oh, Grumpy Cat! No one understands us quite like you. If only we could get away with these purr-fectly surly-but-subdued comebacks to everything that happens in our lives.

1. “Who, me? You really screwed up your big wish.”

This accurately describes our reaction when a hot guy notices us.

2. (About good will.) “I don’t care.”

3. (About joy.) “Mm… No.”

Grumpy cat GIF credit: Giphy.com

4. (About peace to all.) “FAIL!”

5. “You are a loser.”

6. “What are you, some kind of blonde witch?”

We’re lookin’ at you, only Starbucks barista who never messes up our order and also looks like Luna Lovegood.

7. “Don’t get sappy on me. Waaait, I forgot. It’s a Lifetime movie.”

Which is pretty much how we feel any time our best friend starts gushing about her “soul mate.” Gross.

8. “Jingle bells, Christmas smells.”

OK, OK. We actually like Christmas. Just, you know… not in November.

Grinch GIF credit: Giphy.com

Ready for a totally terrible time with the truly awful Grumpy Cat? Us, too!

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