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Here’s how Johnny Depp’s street cred just went through the roof (VIDEO)

If you’re a die-hard fan of Johnny Depp, you’re already aware that he’s kind of a badass when it comes to rock legend collaborations. If you’re not a huge Depp fan, you’ve probably thought all along that he’s a great actor who occasionally likes to pretend to be a musician. Well, be skeptical no more, Depp fans and non-fans.

During Marilyn Manson‘s encore performance Halloween night at the Roxy in LA, Johnny Depp and Die Antwoord rapper Ninja joined Manson in a predictably creepy rendition of “Beautiful People.” We have to hand it to Depp: It takes a lot of guts to get on stage with Manson on a normal day, but he was super brave to rock out with the legendary creep-fest on Halloween night.

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Throughout the performance, Depp wows us with killer guitar skills and deftly avoids being molested by Manson and Ninja, who scream through the lyrics, roll around on stage and gesture inappropriately at one another and at Depp. Depp steals the show by being the cool guy in the corner, nailing his guitar riffs, and laughing each time one of the singers tries to accost him. (NSFW — harsh and inappropriate language. If you want to hit a Depp highlight, skip to 3:34 and play to 3:51.)

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Depp has also jammed in live performances with ZZ Top (for the entire 90 minute set), Keith Richards and Alice Cooper. This isn’t the first time Depp has rocked out with Manson, either. The two teamed up in 2012 to perform “Sweet Dreams.” Depp makes an entrance at the 50-second mark and does an excellent job keeping his cool while Manson sings in a way that makes us wonder whether he’d make the first cut of eliminations on American Idol. In fact, don’t feel bad if you have to mute this to watch Depp perform. We won’t tell anyone.

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