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More Twisty? AHS co-creator Ryan Murphy teases rest of season

Ryan Murphy had a lot to say recently about American Horror Story: Freak Show, giving fans details about what’s to come this season.

The AHS co-creator gave up some juicy tidbits about the series in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, including how each season of the show is connected.

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Freak Show has been knocking it out of the park this season, and the most recent episode revealed a lot about a few of the characters. Elsa’s story, in particular, was terrifyingly heartbreaking. Murphy said star Jessica Lange took the scenes in stride.

“She is a big photographer and she collects photography, and she’s had an interest in photography of that time. So she’s very familiar with what that was. You know she loves a good flashback, Jessica Lange. She was very brave with that stuff. I thought she would be a little more squeamish because she doesn’t like a lot of blood, as everyone knows. It was a two-part thing: the tragedy of the snuff film, but then in future episodes we find out who actually made her those perfect legs. So she liked that.”

While they didn’t make much of an appearance in the most recent episode, things are ramping up for an interesting love story for Dot and Bette. “We’re doing, like, a weird five-way thing. Jimmy is clearly in love with Maggie. Dot is in love with Jimmy. But Dandy is in love with the twins, so what the f*** is going to happen? So all of that’s in the water. The next two episodes, we really get into the Dandy of it all.”

That news is great for all those Dandy fans out there. His character took a big leap forward after the death of Twisty gave the spoiled man-child a chance to step into the killer’s shows… or mask, as it were. How does his mother react to everything? Murphy said he studied recent history for clues on their dynamic.

“When I was researching this, I read a lot about Jeffrey Dahmer, because Jeffrey Dahmer’s father wrote a book. Being the parent of a sociopath is a hard road! What do you do? You love this child, but you have to do right by the law and by society, and that’s Gloria’s dilemma.”

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Poor Twisty had a rough life and never actually wanted to be a bad guy. Murphy said he always wanted the character to be sympathetic, calling the story “fascinating and bizarre.” Twisty fans, take heart — your favorite clown will be back. He’s already made quite an impression, judging by the amount of costumes Murphy saw in his honor on Halloween.

“I’ve already seen three Twistys, so he apparently hit a nerve. I love him. I loved his performance. He will return,” Murphy promised.

Some fans have been waiting on pins and needles to find out exactly who Matt Bomer would be playing since news broke that he would be on the show. Good news: you won’t have to wait much longer. Bomer is set to appear in the next episode in a scene Murphy described as “the most disturbing thing” the show has done to date. That’s really saying something, considering what we’ve seen on Freak Show already.

“Everyone was freaked out when we did it,” Murphy said about the scene. “Matt thought it was a real acting challenge, so that’s why he did it. I think Episode 5 ups the horror quotient in a real way on our show.”

Who else is both excited and frightened to see what that scene will be next week?

Finally, for those of you fans who have been speculating how all the various seasons of American Horror Story are connected, it turns out you might be right. Murphy said that while each season has its own beginning, middle and end, some of the mythologies will intertwine.

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“They’re all connected. We’re just beginning to tell you how they’re connected. They’re all very separate, but there’s clues every season that we’re now telling you how the different worlds are intertwined,” Murphy said.

Be sure to watch American Horror Story: Freak Show on Wednesday nights at 10/9c on FX.

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