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The next Starbucks location will be your front door

You know the drill. You wake up in the morning just a hair’s breadth too late. You shower, put your makeup on, do your hair and realize there just isn’t enough time for your morning cup of joe.

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Nor do you have time to stop and pick one up. Or worse still, there isn’t a convenient location on your way to work.

Get ready for all your morning problems to be solved in 2015, because Starbucks is going to start delivering.

To say we are excited by this development is an understatement.

Our bank accounts may be crying, but the idea of having our perfectly complicated beverage of choice at our beck and call after years of wishing for it is more than we could ever ask for, especially as we approach the holiday season. Yeah, caffeine is really that good. As is the option of being completely antisocial prior to satisfying our morning craving.

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“Imagine the ability to create a standing order of Starbucks delivered hot to your desk daily,” Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said during his announcement in a conference call with investors. “That’s our version of e-commerce on steroids.”

As someone who spent her first year out of college running drinks around to executives, let me just tell you that delivery will solve so many world problems. And hopefully, low-level staffers’ coffee runs will be replaced with actual learning experiences.

“Now what you’re going to see in the years ahead will be a rapid acceleration in mobile device purchases and a continued significant migration away from bricks-and-mortar commerce,” Schultz continued. “There is obviously a huge prize there and that’s why we’re seeing so much activity around the pavement space from all kinds of companies.”

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The coffee company will start making delivery available in select areas before expanding it nationally. No word yet where Starbucks will start first, but we really, really hope it’s Los Angeles.

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