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Eric Stonestreet’s tweet has us freaking out (and not in a good way)

Eric Stonestreet might be playing an awful Halloween trick, and it’s one that Modern Family fans probably aren’t going to find all that funny at first.

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Somebody’s being a very naughty boy on this wicked holiday. In a trick we could see being played on the hit TV show he stars in, Stonestreet made a jaw-dropping message on his Twitter feed.

Just two simple words, but what do they mean? Well, the link takes fans to a page on Clickhole announcing that Modern Family has been canceled.

Gasp! Shock! Horror! Cue the “dun dun dun!” music!

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OK, wait. Let’s all get hold of ourselves here. A closer look at the article reveals that it’s probably a hoax. Just take a look at the proposed reasoning behind the supposed cancellation.

“It saddens us to cancel a show as beloved as Modern Family, but people need to be taught that having something you cherish suddenly and inexplicably wrenched from your grasp is intrinsic to life. Fans of the show are better off learning that sooner rather than later, so they’re prepared when it happens over and over again for the rest of their lives. Ultimately, that’s what this cancellation is about. Not numbers or logic, but demonstrating the terror of our powerless existence on this earth.”

That’s supposed to be from ABC executive Leon Kisch, but it’s got us giggling over here at SheKnows. Think that quote is hilarious? Check out this one, supposedly from star Julie Bowen.

“We’ve had a blast making this show for the last six seasons, but I trust the network’s decision to cancel it as a way of showing people firsthand just how quickly the things that we love can be erased from existence,” said Bowen. “In an instant. In the blink of an eye. When we least expect it and it hurts us most. If Modern Family has to die in order for people to realize that, then that’s just the price we’ll have to pay.”

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The biggest clue, of course, to the fact that this is all just a big ruse is the website where the “news” was announced. Clickhole is one big laugh factory, folks. So you don’t need to pull out those tissues quite yet.

What do you think of this Halloween prank about Modern Family‘s supposed cancellation? Did you fall for it?

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