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Is Miranda Cosgrove faking her injuries to get more money in a lawsuit?

Miranda Cosgrove was involved in a serious bus accident back in 2011 that injured the bus driver, Cosgrove and her mother, who were up at the front of the vehicle. After the bus collided with a tractor-trailer, the former iCarly star found herself with a broken ankle, unable to continue her tour.

The USC college student is now suing her driver and the tractor-trailer driver for damages because of her delayed tour. In the suit, Cosgrove claims she lost 25 concert dates worth $400,000, $560,000 in future shows and her $400,000 Neutrogena spokesperson gig. The Nickelodeon actress was also let go from Sony Music after the accident.

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In addition, Cosgrove says her medical bills totaled $184,490.16 from the injuries that left her “disabled and disfigured.” However, the truck driver isn’t buying it. He filed his own suit, which states that the bills don’t add up and he doubts that several of the treatments were for the accident injury.

The driver also denied that the former teen star lost her Neutrogena endorsement contract because of the accident. He’s crying foul on her lawsuit.

At the time, People reported that Cosgrove was expected to make a full recovery and that it was the bus driver who was seriously injured.

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A source said, “She’s expected to fully recover, but it’s scary because the driver was hurt, too, and he’s in really bad shape. A piece from the tractor-trailer went straight through the windshield and the driver’s arm was sliced all the way through.”

Is Cosgrove’s lawsuit a bunch of baloney, or do her claims have some merit due to the canceled concert tour? The courts will decide whether she’s deserving of a hefty sum or if she should just forget the whole thing.

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