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Amanda Bynes may be ranting, but her tweets are scarily lucid

Amanda Bynes’ most recent tweets are surprisingly coherent for someone who allegedly has a severe mental illness. Is she really as crazy as everyone is saying?

Bynes is on the loose again after being released from psychiatric hold, so obviously she’s tweeting up a storm — and she sounds pretty pissed. But she also sounds like someone who has a case to be made, which could be more frightening than her having a mental illness. While she is still accusing her father of abuse, these tweets have a different tone than others she’s written in the past. They seem calmer, more thought-out — but they do make some claims we’re unable to verify.

Here’s what she wrote this morning:

Why Amanda Bynes’ actions can’t be labelled as crazy

Bynes makes a compelling case with the facts presented, especially since Sam Lutfi is involved. Remember, he was the guy mixed up in Britney Spears’ 2007 breakdown. She was also clearheaded enough to convince an official at the psychiatric facility to release her. But are the facts she’s presenting actually true? Despite her suddenly coherent writing, here’s what we’re questioning:

1. Is there actually a police report and restraining order filed against her father? In what jurisdiction? An LAPD spokesperson confirmed to the Daily Mail that they have no report on file.

2. Was she really staying at nice hotels? Which ones?

3. Was she actually succeeding at FIDM? Rumor has it she was actually being really flaky at school and was kicked out.

And of course, after this diatribe, as intelligent-sounding as it is, she went right back to her old tricks.

And her alleged secret Twitter account is just tweeting horoscopes.

Sigh. We can dream of Bynes being healthy again, but that doesn’t make it true.

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