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Hilarious, last-minute Halloween costume ideas inspired by SNL

If you’re feeling completely uninspired this Halloween or you just got invited to a last-minute party, don’t panic. Saturday Night Live and its hilarious cast of characters are here to help with super-easy costume ideas.

Sally O’Malley

You can kick, kick, kick your way to a great costume by cobbling together a matching red top and bottoms and hastily adhering white piping to your outfit with double-stick tape. Now you’re ready to Sally O’Malley your way to a memorable holiday.

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Marty and Bobbi Culp

Remember Marty and Bobbi Culp, the duo who ruined every pep assembly within a 50-mile radius by butchering popular songs with their falsetto voices? Transform yourself into these to whack jobs with leisure wear from the ’70s and some ultra-bad singing.

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Spartan cheerleaders

Who’s that trying to think of a last-minute costume? It’s you, it’s you. If you’ve got teenagers in your house or neighborhood, you can probably gather up some high school spirit in the form of a sweater with relative ease. This makes the perfect couple costume and if you can’t get your hands on cheerleading sweaters, go to the discount store and find cheap matching sweaters with stripes. Click here and start practicing your cheerleading moves.

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Who doesn’t have tiny doll hands, old-fashioned dresses and vampire teeth at their disposal? If this describes you, dress up as Dooneese. Laugh until your stomach hurts, running around touching people inappropriately with your tiny doll hands (assuming your friends are the kind of folks that think that type of thing is funny).

Matt Foley

If you need inspiration for a costume, why not be an inspirational speaker? You’re just a blazer, a pair of dark-rimmed glasses and a few well-memorized quotes (“I live in a van down by the river”) from the perfect Halloween character, Matt Foley.

Church Lady

Well, hello, Satan. Who better to ward of the night’s evil ghouls and goblins than Church Lady? Find a conservative dress, a bad wig and practice saying, “Well, isn’t that special.”

Lunch Lady

If Church Lady isn’t your thing, perhaps you’re more of a Lunch Lady. Who doesn’t have yellow gloves, an apron and some eyeliner (for making a hideous facial mole) lying around the house?


If you have an Affliction T-shirt, some hair gel and several rings for your fingers, you’re about five minutes from transforming into Saturday Night Live‘s hilarious Stefon. Take a few minutes to commit some of his more memorable quotes to memory.

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