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You’ll be amazed at why Lindsay Lohan is being sued for $60 million

Lindsay Lohan is undoubtedly not a happy woman right now. She’s just been slapped with a whopping $60 million lawsuit!

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The The Canyons actress and her brother Michael Lohan Jr. are being sued by developer Fima Potik, who claims they stole his idea to create their own “virtual closet” app.

So, how did things between the siblings and Potik turn so sour?

According to the New York Daily News, in documents that were filed on Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court in New York City, Potik claims he first met Lindsay and her brother through her brother’s roommate, Christopher Roth, last year.

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Potik pitched them an app idea that he was working on called Spotted Friend — an app that allows people to see the clothing their favorite celebs have in their closets and then purchase the same products —and apparently the siblings were excited to be apart of it.

According to the publication, the lawsuit claims the trio became founding partners in return for ownership shares. The Lohans and Potik initially looked for investors for the project together until the siblings allegedly decided to go behind Potik’s back and take his idea to another investor.

Potik claims that in March, he received a message from Michael demanding a larger ownership share, but when he refused, Michael told him he and his sister were no longer interested in the company. However, they did create a similar fashion app called Vigme, which Potik believes is a “clone” of Spotted Friend.

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Potik is suing the Lohans for $60 million for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and loyalty, and unfair competition.

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