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5 Reasons seeing Chris Soules live will make or break The Bachelor

News has leaked that the upcoming season premiere of The Bachelor, with farmer Chris Soules handing out the roses, will be telecast live for the first time.

Much like the traditional After the Final Rose segment The Bachelor always airs, the Season 19 premiere this coming January will follow a similar pattern with some previously recorded segments paired with a live audience viewing and Chris Harrison hosting the event.

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According to a source who spoke with TVLine, not only will it be live, it will be a whopping three hours long!

This is good news for Bachelor Nation fans, but it might not be great news for Soules. We’re weighing the pros and cons.

1. It’s too much too soon

Much like the beginnings of a relationship, a little mystery at the start of a show is a good thing. Three hours might be way too much time with the small town farmer looking for love that we feel like we don’t need another dose for a while.

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2. Flirting with fluff

Let’s be real. That three hours will consist of at least 45 minutes of commercials and about an hour of Harrison saying this season will be the most dramatic yet. Buffer that with some commentary from past The Bachelor contestants and the actual meat of the show is bound to be about an hour, if we’re lucky. Can fans really hold out for a three-hour segment? That’s like binge-watching a series, and it’s only the first episode.

3. Thank you, DVR

Luckily, we can fix the problem of fluff, thanks to technology. So while we’re bound to DVR the show, let’s be real, we’ll probably just skip to the end. That means ABC is spending a lot of money on about 10 minutes of television people actually want to watch.

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4. The get to know you phase

On the upside, this could be a fun opportunity for some behind-the-scenes moments. We love things like clips from the auditions, contestants discovering they’re going to be on the show and Soules preparing for his role. (He trained with fellow The Bachelorette mate Cody Sattler to get that camera-ready bod.)

5. And now we’re invested

This could also be a great opportunity for the show to give fans more of a chance to pick their season favorites before actually meeting Soules. Plus, with a live audience, we’ll get a chance to talk and tweet about our favorite ladies of the night, starting a conversation with fellow viewers.

Ultimately, it all comes down to Soules’ ability to make us fall in love with watching him. Hopefully, he’ll be more like Sean Lowe and a lot less like Juan Pablo Galavis. OK, ya, Juan Pablo was fun to watch… but things didn’t end so well for him. We definitely think Soules has a much better chance.

Do you think Chris Soules and ABC have what it takes to pull off a three-hour premiere?

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