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Bruce Jenner’s country club buddies start bullying him over his looks

Times, they are a-changin’ for Bruce Jenner.

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Jenner is currently altering a lot of things in his life. He recently split up with wife of 23 years, Kris, and his physical appearance has slowly been morphing for the past couple of years.

No one is exactly sure what Jenner is trying to achieve with his new look, but the changes have led to speculation that the Kardashian patriarch may be making the transition from man to woman. His hair has been grown out into a long, well-coiffed, ombré style and there have been reports that he underwent surgery to shave his Adam’s apple. A lot of people are probably guilty of a quick chuckle, or maybe even just a “hmmm” under their breath, after coming across a picture of Jenner online, but there hasn’t been evidence that anyone has taken their judgment of Jenner to the level of harrassment… until now.

According to TMZ, Jenner has been on the receiving end of some junior high-style bullying at his beloved country club in Thousand Oaks, California, where he has put in numerous hours of golfing. Full-grown men are reportedly driving by the former Olympian in their golf carts to make comments about his genitalia and some have gone as far as to threaten to cut off his hair in the locker room. One man screamed, “How’s your d***?” to Jenner on the green, to which he replied, “It’s right here. It hasn’t worked in 20 years.”

At least the poor guy is keeping a sense of humor about it.

Wendy Williams also came under fire this week, after making comments about Jenner wearing nail polish on his 65th birthday. “Thank God he waited for his kids to grow up before making this transition or whatever he’s going through,” Williams said on her show. “Can you imagine how awful it would be for those kids if he showed up with a blowout, a shaved Adam’s apple, pink nail polish and smoking a cigarette at a PTA meeting? Could you imagine?”

GLAAD did not take too kindly to Williams’ remarks and backed Jenner. “To suggest that a person’s nail polish color or hairstyle would inflict harm on their children is ludicrous,” GLAAD CEO, Sarah Kate Ellis, said in a statement to The Wrap. “What does inflict harm, however, is gross and invasive speculation about a person’s gender identity.”

Jenner may be creating an alternative lifestyle, but he’s certainly not hurting anyone else and no one in his public or private life has any right to make hurtful comments about the way he looks.

For the most part, it looks like his kids have all stuck by Jenner’s side. Stepdaughter, Kim Kardashian, posted a cute photo of him flanked by all of his daughters at his birthday celebration yesterday.

While Williams’ comments do seem slightly off base, the talk show host did make another solid point. “All I know is that I’m happy for him because he’s able to live his own truth,” she said. Williams pretty much hits the nail on the head with this comment. It takes a lot of guts to be true to yourself, especially when you’re in the public eye. We’re super proud of Bruce Jenner for being strong and not backing down, even when facing scrutiny and shaming.

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