Lucy Decoutere details alleged violent sex assault by Jian Ghomeshi

In response to allegations from several women, including Lucy Decoutere, that he was physically aggressive, Jian Ghomeshi said he will be addressing them directly. However, this seems as if Ghomeshi may just be trying to buy himself some time.

Decoutere decided to break her silence on the alleged abuse she received at the hands of Ghomeshi when he reportedly choked her and slapped her in the face nearly 10 years ago. The Canadian actress revealed that after a date, she and Ghomeshi went to his home where she was stunned by his physical attack.

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“He did take me by the throat and pressed me against the wall and choked me,” Decoutere told CBC radio during The Current on Thursday. “And he did slap me across the face a couple of times.”

While nearly a dozen other women have spoken out about the violence they faced by Ghomeshi, Decoutere is the first one to put her name to the alleged attacks. She said she wants to prevent other women from undergoing the same abuse by the former CBC radio host, even if it means facing lots of online backlash.

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Decoutere explained why she didn’t come forth after the events had first happened, saying she knows now it was a mistake not to say anything, but admitted she was scared to speak up at the time.

“I didn’t say anything about what happened and neither did he… it was like nothing,” she said. “It’s made me just think about where women sit in society and how it’s not a very comfortable sofa.”

Meanwhile, Ghomeshi said on his Facebook page that he was still dealing with the death of his father and now he had to also deal with a vindictive ex-girlfriend. Decoutere added that the radio personality felt he was being pinpointed for his sexual preferences and said that Ghomeshi can do what he likes in his bedroom as long as he’s not “hurting people who don’t want to be hurt.”

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Ghomeshi’s brief Facebook post from Thursday also stated, “I want to thank you for your support and assure you that I will intend to meet these allegations directly. I don’t intend to discuss this matter any further to the media.”


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