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10 Reasons why The Room is the WORST movie ever made

Never heard of a horrible movie called The Room? This “bomb-com” is stealing the midnight slot at the theater away from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and fans can’t get enough. Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, a new mockumentary about the actors is in the works. Now, check out our reasons why the original movie is so hilariously bad.

1. The evil genius of Tommy Wiseau

Tommy Wiseau wrote, directed and starred in The Room, thereby giving birth to this little devil-child of a movie. His strange brain and fevered ambition were the perfect cocktail to create a cinematic disaster.

2. Recycled love scene

What? The Room uses the same exact footage from one love scene over and over instead of shooting additional scenes. It wasn’t a budget issue; Wiseau simply thought people wouldn’t notice. FAIL!

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The Room

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3. Framed photograph of a spoon

For no apparent reason, the camera continuously pans across the spoon photograph, inspiring midnight audiences to bring plastic spoons to the theater and throw them whenever the spoon appears on on screen. It appears so many times, one fan reportedly went through several boxes by the end credits.

4. Weird dialogue about breast cancer

Claudette, the mother character in the film, tells her daughter, Lisa, that she has breast cancer. Lisa replies, “Don’t worry about it. You’ll be fine. They’re curing lots of people every day.” And the issue of her cancer is never addressed in the film again.

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The Room

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5. Football as symbol of male bonding

Whenever The Room tries to show that two men are good friends, it shows them throwing a football back and forth. While that doesn’t sound too strange, it becomes very weird when the characters toss the ball just two feet away from each other.

6. The tux to nowhere

At one point, all the male characters appear in tuxes and, again, begin throwing a football to each other, but the reason why they’re wearing tuxes is never explained.

The Room

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7. Is it day? Night? Both?

Throughout the movie, establishing shots are at night but the scenes are shot in daylight, and vice versa.

8. Cheesy green-screen backdrop

All the rooftop scenes were shot in front of a static green-screen image that looks like it’s from 1954.

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The Room

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9. Peter gets replaced

Actor Kyle Vogt started shooting the movie as the character Peter. Midway through the shooting, Vogt was replaced by another actor with no explanation. Peter is then called Steven, played by Greg Ellery, who acts like he’s been with the other characters the whole time.

10. Denny is just creepy

Denny (Philip Haldiman) is the oldest-looking 17-year-old we’ve ever seen. He’s obsessed with watching Johnny and Lisa have sex and isn’t afraid to tell them so. He also gets involved in a dead-end storyline about a drug deal he’s made. It’s never addressed again. The moment where Denny almost gets shot is edited so poorly, it will have you cracking up.

Want more of The Room?

Award-winning screenwriter Robyn Paris, who played Michelle in the movie, is harnessing the power of Kickstarter to fund a mockumentary called The Room Actors: Where Are They Now?

Paris says her movie will be “a comedic look at what has happened to the actors from The Room since they appeared in the worst movie ever made.”

The film will include documentary-style interviews and found footage. Paris follows these actors through their daily lives as they try to shake off The Room‘s overpowering disgrace. Sadly, as hard as they’ve tried, none of the actors has been able to escape the stigma.

While it may seem like these actors are looking for another 15 minutes of fame, Paris says that’s not what her project is about. “We’re already in the movie — we can’t change that. We might as well have fun with it, enjoy it, because we can’t erase ourselves from it.”

Check out the Kickstarter campain for The Room Actors: Where Are They Now?
Want to watch the actual The Room movie for free? Click here!

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