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4 Reasons Nick Jonas is being accused of gay-baiting for new fans

Nick Jonas is all grown up and we’ve taken notice, not just of his super good looks, but also because he’s garnering success all on his own.

Since the disbanding of the Jonas Brothers, Nick has been making the most of the new chapter in his life.

Nick Jonas’ “Jealous” video is so odd, but we can’t look away

In a recent interview with Nylon for their November issue, the former Disney star revealed that his life is going pretty great right now. He has a brand-new self-titled album and a really hot single out titled “Jealous.” So, how does he feel about starting his career all over again?

“I’m in a season of my life where I feel really fortunate and have a had a whole new career, and now I almost get to start over,” he told the publication.

Nick isn’t kidding when he says he has a whole new career, because he has a whole new image to go along with it. Don’t get us wrong, we’re loving the shirtless pics that have been emerging (thank you, Flaunt magazine), but it’s a totally new guy we’re seeing here.

Nick Jonas’ shirtless pics prove two things: He’s hot and society’s biased

Remember the squeaky-clean guy who used to wear a purity ring? Well, that was Nick then and there’s no denying that he is looking for a new market to tap into now, which is why he’s been accused of gay-baiting — and we think that may just be what he’s been doing.

1. He showed off his abs at a gay club

Last month, Nick headed to BPM Nightclub in New York City and danced the night away with strippers, on the bar, while they took his shirt off and he teased everyone with his six-pack.

2. He says it’s fun to be hit on by men

During an interview with PrideSource, Jonas explained that when he partied it up at Manhattan’s gay clubs, he enjoyed being hit on by gay men — which is fine, unless you’re trying to get their dollars!

“There wasn’t a whole lot of hitting on me and flirting. A little bit, which was actually kind of fun… it was a pretty new environment for me, so I was just trying to take it all in and have a good time,” he explained.

Demi Lovato has a few choice words about Nick Jonas’ package

3. He’s a complete tease

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Jonas spoke about his new DirectTV series, Kingdom, and mentioned that there will be several nude scenes, as his character will be exploring his sexuality.

“Is he, like, bi-curious?” Cohen asked. “We will see,” Jonas teased.

4. He’s on an ab-fueled campaign

There is no denying that Jonas’ photo shoot for Flaunt magazine was super steamy: He dropped his pants, he grabbed his crotch, he put his abs and his massive biceps on display and he even treated the world to an image of his hand down his ass crack. Sex sells and Jonas is cashing in on it big time.

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