Backstreet Boys on the French horn is something you have to hear (VIDEO)

Charli XCX did it. Boyce Avenue did it. Even One Direction took a stab at covering a Backstreet Boys song. But this one? Oh, it takes some serious skill (and looping technology).

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The video may only have a little more than 1,000 views (right now), but we only hope the number continues to rise.

The musician? YouTube user FhornPatrick, and on his page, you’ll find plenty of covers — from Sia’s “Chandelier” to the Frozen medley. Seriously, you’ll get sucked into a YouTube black hole watching his videos. His most popular video to date is OutKast’s “Hey Ya!” if you can believe that.

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But the one we stumbled upon on Reddit is Backstreet Boys‘ “Everybody.”

Now watch it! You won’t regret it:

So what do you think? Love it or hate it? Tell us in the comments!


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