Kim Kardashian loves her waist trainer – wait, what’s a waist trainer?

Kim Kardashian has been working her butt off in the gym since giving birth to her daughter North West. Actually, she hasn’t been working her butt off; it’s still there, and it’s still large and in charge.

It appears she aims to pair her freakishly large backside with an itty-bitty waist by using a waist trainer. A what, you ask? Exactly. Allow Kim to explain.

Kardashian took to Instagram to wow fans with a workout photo, but this one was a bit different from previous glamped up “workout” pics.

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As you can see, Kardashian captioned this Instagram image with, “I’m really obsessed with waist training! Thank you@premadonna87 for my new waist shapers! #whatsawaist.”

What the hell is waist training and why have we never heard of it? The simple answer to why we’ve never heard of it is we’re not glued to Kardashian’s Instagram account. So if you have a life outside of celebrity Instagram, you should know waist training involves wearing a very tight corset for hours at a time to create a waist and flatten the stomach.

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Wait just a second. We can reduce the size and shape of our waists and stomachs by cinching ourselves into this getup every day? Huh. Do they also make ass trainers? How about double chin trainers? Where does a gal get her hands on thigh trainers? Can we buy a contraption that will make it look like we do push-ups all day for our bingo arms?

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Hold up, ladies. Before you get too excited (first we learn that drinking red wine is like going to the gym and now this?), all that cinches is not gold. When ABC’s Deborah Roberts tried waist training, she’d wondered about the harmful effects. Roberts asked Dr. Sara Gottfried, a gynecologist with 20 years of experience, about waist training.

“If you’re wearing a corset 24/7, it can do a couple of things to your body,” Dr. Gottfried said, continuing, “Namely, it will be squeezing your ribs so much that you can’t take a deep breath. Corsets can squish your lungs by 30 to 60 percent, making you breathe like a scared rabbit. They can also put a kink in your organs and cause constipation.”

So now that you know what waist training is and its possible side effects, will you be replacing your gym workout with red wine and corsets, or will you be hitting the mat for a round of sit-ups?