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Sandra Bullock knows her way around a medical emergency

Now we know: Sandra Bullock can handle an emergency situation with the best of them.

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TMZ reports the actress was first to step in and help during a scary medical emergency on the set of the movie she’s currently shooting — an extra reportedly collapsed during filming.

The movie, called Our Brand Is Crisis, stars Bullock alongside actor Billy Bob Thornton. It’s being filmed in New Orleans, where TMZ reports it’s blazing hot right now. Apparently, when the extra fell to the ground, it was pretty obvious her illness was heat-related, and Bullock knew just what to do.

TMZ has the photos of Bullock kneeling on the ground next to the fallen actress, fanning her face and giving her water in a shady, out-of-the-way spot. Bullock was on top of things long before an ambulance arrived to take the extra to a nearby hospital.

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And as for Billy Bob Thornton? Well, he’s in the photos, too, but let’s just say in case of an emergency, we’re sticking with Sandra. Thornton stood well back from the action and watched, while Bullock, on the other hand, was right in the thick of it doing everything she could to help. We always knew women were better in emergencies, anyway.

According to TMZ, the movie calls for extras to wear heavy, cold-weather clothes, despite the sweltering heat in the Big Easy. It’s no wonder the conditions caused someone a case of heat stroke.

The incident happened on Sunday, according to TMZ, and although it got the cast and crew a day off on Monday, everyone was back to work Tuesday. No word on whether the extra was able to return to set, but she’s probably earned another few days off.

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We’re super impressed with Sandra Bullock’s ability to keep a cool head and step up in an emergency. Do you agree? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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