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Don’t believe anything Nicole Kidman says, she is not pregnant

Nicole Kidman famously struggled with not having (biological) children for years. But after having children of her own, Kidman would love to have another. But she said no one should hold their breath.

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Kidman has spoken in the past about her hopes of having another child, but she has finally realized that people seem to take anything she says as fact.

“God, I’ve got such a big mouth,” Kidman told an Australian radio show. “I did a radio show where I was like, ‘Yes, I would love to have another baby, every month I hope I’m pregnant!’ and then before you know it, it’s like… ”

“I’ve just got to learn,” she added, according to E! News. “One, you can’t be irreverent. Two, you’ve got to be very careful with humor. Three, you know. I never learn. I’ve been doing this so long… “

Kidman has two adopted children from her marriage with Tom Cruise, and Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret with Keith Urban. Both Kidman and Urban’s children are biological, but Faith was born via a surrogate. Even with four children, Kidman admits that she would love another child.

“I mean, I would be blessed to have another child as — you know, we love our family,” Kidman said. “The chances of it are very slim, but hey, I’d be blessed.”

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You can see Nicole Kidman next in her new film Before I Go to Sleep, in theaters Friday, Oct. 31.

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