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Taylor Swift was against any hint of country on her new album

Taylor Swift knows that haters are gonna hate, even when they are making money of off you.

Beyoncé, Taylor Swift songs get mashed together and it’s (sort of) magical

Swift is notorious for using her own personal dating life as fodder for writing chart-smashing songs and, in turn, has generated a lot of gossip about said dating life. On the surface, her new hit single, “Shake it Off,” is about ignoring negativity from the media, the public and possibly even ex-boyfriends, but Swift revealed this week that her inspiration for the song may be a little bit deeper.

“I wasn’t necessarily nervous about this album. I think my label might have been a little nervous,” she said to the ladies of The View on Wednesday when asked about any qualms about her first non-country venture. “They’ll never say it now,” she joked.

Swift also reinforced the fact that she was ready to leave country music behind for good. “I knew I wanted to change the way I did things, creatively,” she said. “I knew that I wanted to keep people on their toes. I didn’t want anyone to have their feelings hurt by me changing directions creatively, ’cause that’s never the intention.”

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Another factor that really drove Swift to pen the lyrics to “Shake it Off”? Social media and her fans! “Yeah, I think it was the fact that lately I’ve been spending a lot of time online,” she said about her inspiration. “Not in the way you think. I’ve been actually, kind of going and reading all kinds of comments from fans on Instagram and Tumblr and Twitter and seeing that not only was I going through people saying things about me that weren’t true, so was everyone that I was talking to online. And we may have different circumstances surrounding our lives and different sources of gossip, theirs is, like, whispers in school hallways or rumors at work and mine is on the newsstand when I check out at the grocery store, but it’s the same feeling! And it has to be the same reaction if you want to continue to lead a happy life. You have to let go of things you can’t control. It’s our human instinct to try and defend yourself… But you have to let go of it and just get rid of it, because it’s not yours anymore.”

Wise words Swifty!

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