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Sexy Marco Polo trailer will make you sign up for Netflix STAT

The trailer for the new Netflix series Marco Polo may be short, but it gave us a long list of reasons to look forward to the show.
Coming in December, the new series stars Lorenzo Richelmy as the famous explorer, plus Benedict Wong and Joan Chen. Here are a few reasons we can’t wait to see it.

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1. Gorgeous cinematography

From burned-out ruins, to desert landscapes and grassy plains, the imagery in the trailer promises inspiring images in the series. If you need a series that will take you away from your normal life, Marco Polo can do it.

2. Eerie images

Did you see those kids in the masks? It was only one small part of the preview, but I wonder if it might not hint at many more of those moments to come. Could it be that the series will dip a toe into the world of the supernatural? Everyone will have to watch and see.

3. The music

If the music in the trailer is anything to go by, the entire series will be scored beautifully. It will undoubtedly bring on tears in some scenes and cheers in other scenes.

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4. Real bad guys

As in, from history. Anytime you see the famous explorer going against a foe, remember that this was an actual person. That will make them a thousand times scarier than someone that was just made up.

5. Sexiness and nakedness

The preview had a lot of both, so expect things to get steamy in the series. People are having sex under trees, in hot tubs and in what I can only describe as a flooded cave wrapped in sheets. That scene might be a dream, but who knows? Also, there’s what looks like a naked fight scene. How cool is that?

5. Vulnerability

It was just one moment of the trailer, but I thought I saw real vulnerability flash in Marco Polo’s eyes. There’s just something about a strong hero who also has a softer side and I look forward to seeing that in the midst of what I’m sure will be a lot of action.

6. Action, action, action

How can we have a story about Marco Polo without action? In the preview there are hints of hand-to-hand combat (including flying naked people, don’t forget that part), as well as large-scale wars. So if you’re into action, it looks like you’ll get plenty in this series.

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What do you think of the trailer for Netflix’s Marco Polo?

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