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Jim Carrey has news that’s going to break some women’s hearts

Sorry, ladies: If your dreams are to one day marry Jim Carrey, well, that’s not going to happen!

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The Liar Liar actor revealed during an interview with the Howard Stern Show on Tuesday morning that he’s no longer the marrying kind, and he has virtually no interest in ever heading down the aisle again.

“I just don’t see it as necessary at this point,” he shared with Howard Stern. “Is it really sacred? I don’t know.”

It’s not all that surprising Carrey would feel that way right now because he has been through two failed marriages: an eight-year marriage to Melissa Womer and a one-year marriage to Lauren Holly.

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But what if the right woman came along? Would he consider getting hitched for the third time?

“I can’t say that I know how I would feel if I meet somebody that knocks my head off,” he said. “I can’t make hard fast rules about the future, but I wouldn’t voluntarily go that way.”

Carrey also went on to share how living in the public eye has altered his perception of relationships.

“If you hook up with someone who is famous, you become a sellable commodity and that’s the most important thing in those magazines,” he confessed. “It’s not what you’re doing in the movie. It’s who you are with, what are you doing, are you breaking up?”

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But that’s not to say he doesn’t love and appreciate women; he does.

“Women are very important,” he said. “I love women. Love them, adore them.”

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