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Doctors say it’s as bad as we thought: Amanda Bynes will remain in hospital

After another extremely public breakdown, doctors are finally voicing the severity of Amanda Bynes’ condition.

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Bynes’ original 17-day involuntary psychiatric hold was due to end yesterday, but the staff at Las Encitas Hospital in Pasadena, California, deemed her ill enough to extend the commitment and went to the courts to do so, according to TMZ. On Monday, a judge upheld their request and a 30-day extension was granted.

The former child actress quickly went on a downward spiral recently after being released from a conservatorship held by her parents, Lynn and Rick. The conservatorship was granted last year after Bynes spun out of control in a similar manner.

Bynes allegedly went off of her prescribed medication once she was on her own again, which resulted in a DUI, accusations of shoplifting, a brutal Twitter attack on her father, which she later attributed to a microchip in her head, and other bizarre public behavior that was displayed on both the East and West coasts.

It was rumored that Bynes’ parents were going to seek another conservatorship for their daughter, but they have backed out because Bynes blames them for her current hold and they fear her anger would make it impossible for them to control her.

It actually might be in Bynes’ best interest to not be released to Lynn and Rick, considering they grossly underestimated her situation previously and blamed her behavior on marijuana usage.

The question, for now, is: When Bynes is finally released, who will watch after her? History has already proven that she can’t be on her own, and if her parents are out of that picture, who does that leave? Does she stay in the hospital until doctors deem her healthy enough to reenter society?

We’re sad that Bynes has to be put on a hold for such an extended period, but we have our fingers crossed that she’s getting the help she so desperately needs.

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