The Voice: TSwift’s seven pieces of advice we can totally use IRL

Taylor Swift imparted some pearls of wisdom on last night’s episode of The Voice and we’ve figured out how you can use them in real life.

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What valuable lessons did we learn from Swift? Read on and find out.

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“You want to go full throttle all the time.”

OK, this piece of advice is definitely not for the faint of heart, or drivers. So, how can we apply this gem? To hair care, of course. That’s right, put that blow dryer on full throttle the next time your hair is wet and dry it like you just don’t care.

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“What is exciting for an audience is if you go slow, medium, fast, really slow, fast.”

Come on, we all know how this one can be applied in real life, right? It’s all about sex, baby. We’re just going to leave it at that.

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Be more theatrical

Swift told one contestant to be more theatrical with their performance and this is perfect advice for anyone trying to get something. Want a special gift for your birthday from your boyfriend or your BFF? Need your hubby to take you to Hawaii? Just pour on some tears and make it all about the theatrics and, according to Swift, you’ll get what you want.

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Use your audience

Another contestant was told by Swift to incorporate the audience into their song and we think that could work great for moms. Kids making you crazy in the carpool? Turn on their favorite song and sing along with them. That way, everyone has fun.

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“Throw your head around.”

Swift told one contestant to mix things up in their performance. “You can go forward if you want, you can throw your head around,” she said. That’s awesome advice for anyone looking to change careers: Go forward and throw your head around. You’ll probably see things you never saw before. Or get a really bad headache.

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“It sounds like a conversation for maybe never.”

Sometimes, you just need to keep things to yourself, that’s what we learned from this little nugget. Want to tell your boss’s boss that he has bad breath and you can’t stand anywhere near him in the break room? Yeah, you might want to keep that information to yourself.

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Lose the teddy bear

Taylor noticed that one contestant was using his guitar too much and that it had turned into his “teddy bear.” Many of us have turned our phones into our security blankets, so here’s some advice: Toss them! OK, wait, maybe don’t do that because phones are valuable and everyone needs them for emergencies and stuff. So, how about just vowing to keep it in your purse at your next social gathering? Stop staring at the screen and talk to your friends; we promise it won’t be as bad as you think.

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What helpful advice did you get from Taylor Swift on The Voice?


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