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Jimmy Kimmel shares important tips to survive Elsaween (VIDEO)

Every year there is one particular Halloween costume that is super-popular and this year Jimmy Kimmel predicts that it’s going to be Frozen inspired: Queen Elsa, to be exact.

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The Disney movie Frozen has become hugely popular and there will probably be countless children (and even adults) wearing a Queen Elsa costume, complete with blue dress, cape and blond braid on Halloween this year. And on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! the host gave some important tips on how to survive what he’s calling Elsaween.

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In a hilarious skit, Kimmel points out that no matter how many Elsas come to your door this Halloween, you should at all times “pretend to be excited” and act as if each child’s costume is “great and original and all those things.”

So, how do you deal with “the upcoming Elsa-pocalypse?” Kimmel’s clip begins with a little girl who he tells, “Great Elsa costume.” His doorbell then rings and it’s two more little girls. “Ah! Two more Elsas! Here you go, guys — have a good one!” the host says while giving them candy. Then a sexy Elsa appears, followed by a bearded man dressed as Elsa, and the list swiftly continues (getting weirder by the second).

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But never fear, Kimmel’s clip will show you how to tailor your reactions, depending on what sort of Elsa comes to your door looking for candy — or beef jerky.

Better start practicing your reactions, folks.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s reaction to Elsaween below.

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